Name=Hung Nguyen

My first time here. It's quite new to me, I am exploring it. I am a student in the University of Illinois. I'd love to see if we have the connection on net so the youth can have a chance to meet, I am living in the cold very cold state; lonely and know nobody, I spent most of time with computer and surfed the internet. It's nice to have LSN connection. Thanks

Someone always lonely


From: "Coffee Girl"

Date: Wed, 24 Jan 96 19:13:14 PST

The federal govt has provided a highway sign which highlights "little saigon" I 'd like info on how that was possible?
The percentage of residents in little saigon who speak english
The percentage of residents who wish to become citizens
Are census numbers reflected in westminister figures ?
Personal experiences welcomed
Percentage of vietnamese living in Westminister itself and not Little Saigon.
Thanks for your help in providing first hand information about
Little Saigon and the urban people residing therein. I would love
to hear from anyone about their experiences or opinions.
Please respond to: