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Nhan Hoc Vien
Muon tr thanh chuyen vien tham my gioi, kiem tien nhieu va c cap License hanh nghe tren toan nc My.
Co thuoc tr cac loai Mun, Nam, Tan Nhang, Vet Nhan ni khoe mat, mieng, son gi 24 hrs va san soc da an ong. Tham khao mien ph. Xin goi co Linda (714)894-0161 hoac Pager (714)570-4020

Desired to become Beauty Advisor, significant profit and retaining a nationwide professional licence. Medicated Beauty Products curing acnes, blackheads, freckles, face wrinkle (eyes and mouth areas). 24 hour-long lasting lipsticks and men skin care products available. Please call Ms. Linda (714)894-0161 or Pager (714)570-4020