I am Sanhabodhi, a Buddhist monk. My original name was Pou Tonghao.
I have suffered from stomach ailment, constipation, and cough for along time I took various types of medicine but they did not help me much. Recently I sought treatment from Dr. Pung Navann; and in just over one month, I have totally been cured.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Pung Navann and wish him continuous success in his profession.

Norwalk, California, USA 09-18-95

Sincerely yours,

(Publicized with the venerable Sanhabodhi 's permission.)

Prof. Pung Navann

. Honorary Professor at Harbin Medical Universitys First Hospital, China
. Honorary Chancellor at Harbin Eastern University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
. Personal Physician of H.E.Cheng Heng, Former Head of State of Cambodia
. Former Personal Physician of S.A.R. Prince Sisowath Monireth (King Norodom Shihanouk's uncle)
. President of the Superior Committee of Royal Cambodia Palace.
. Former Personal Physician of Marshall Lon Nol, President of the Khmer Republic(Cambodia)
. Former Member of the Acupuncture Licensing Board of the Khmer Republic Department of Health (Cambodia)

Over 600 kinds of special naturally prepared products by Prof. Pung Navann (professor of T.C.M). In most cases, the effect will be obvious after 4 weeks of using Prof. Pung Navann's products. They have the following benefits: (Used as food supplement. Anyone can use; Men, Women, Old, Young...)

Make the skin and flesh look rosy and fresh.
Benefit and cool the liver and the lungs.
Help with energy flow.
Improve health & Help patients regain heath.
Treat and pt chronic headache
Treat and prevent constipation.
Treat and prevent wet dreams, premature ejaculation, impotence, frigidity, irregular menstruation.
and abdominal pain associated with menstruation.
Help women with fertilit
Prevent fatigue after sexual intercourse.
Help penis get and remain firm.
Help youths and mile-aged people maintain good health, good memory, an alert and clear mind.
Help old people, male and female, eat well, sleep well, not to be afraid of cold, feel warm in their youth, and live longer, etc...
Besides, there are special 100% naturally prepared products that specialize in:

a) Treating and preventing:

High fat concentration in the blood (Cholesterol; Triglycerides; HDL; LDL; VLDL).
Sweating in the hands and feet.
Chronic nasal allergy
Chronic sinusitis.
Vaginal discharge.
Liver diseases like Hepatitis B etc...

b) Helping women recover quickly after giving birth etc...

After using Prof. Pung Navann 's products for some time. If for any reason you have to stop taking them ( for example, financial reason...) the effect still lasts depending on the work and health of each individual. These 100% Natural products contain absolutely no chemicals or western medicine ingredients as do tranquilizers and pain killers (like Cortisone, Aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol...) ; and specially no stimulants and any substances that cause addiction.


If good care is given, the forest is lush always
and we 'll never run out of fire-wood
There 's nothing cheap in life
Those who like cheap things will suffer
grave consequences

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can be faxed to Prof. Pung Navann for prescription:

Date of birth:___________
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Prof. Pung Navann can speak 7 languages:

Cambodia, French, English, Vietnamese,
Mandarin, Cantonese, Chiu Chow dialect


Toi la tu s phat giao, phap danh Sanhabodhi. Tuc danh Pou Tonghao.
Toi a au n lau nam vi chng bnh au bao t, Tao bon, va ho kinh nien. Toi a dung nhieu loai thuoc ma va khong thuyen giam. Mi ay nh s cha tr cua Bac s Pung Navann ch trong vong hn mot thang ma toi a hoan toan khoi benh.
Toi xin tri an sau xa Bac s Pung Navann va cau mong ong thanh cong trong lanh vc y khoa

Norwalk, California, USA

ngay 18 thang 9 nam 1995

Tran trong Knh chao

(Th nay c phep pho bien vi s chap thuan danh d cua Nha s Sanhabodhi)

Giao s Pung Navann

Giang s danh d ai hoc y khoa Harbin cua e Nhat Y Vien Trung Hoa.
Khoa trng danh d ai hoc mien ong truyen thong y khoa Hoa Luc
Bac s rieng cua HR Cheng Heng, cu chu tch quoc gia Cam Bot.
Bac s rieng cua SAR Hoang than Sisowath Monireth ( Chu vua Norodom Shihanouk)
Chu tch Uy ban cao cap toa nha Hoang gia Cam Bot.
Cu Bac s rieng cua Thong Tng Lon Nol, Tong Thong Cong Hoa Kh Me ( Cam Bot)
Cu hoi vien cua uy ban giam sat hanh nghe cham cu tai Bo Giao duc Cong Hoa Kh Me ( Cam Bot)

Tren 600 loai thuoc ac che thien nhien do bac s Pung Navann (Giao s TCM). Trong moi trng hp, hieu qua ro rang sau 4 tuan le dung thuoc cua Giao s Pung Navann. Nhng thuoc nay co nhng li ch sau ay: (Co the dung nh phu chat cho thc pham, ai cung co the dung; an ong, an ba, Gia, Tre...)

Lam da tht hong hao va ti mat
Bo va lam mat gan va phoi.
Giup lu thong sinh kh.
Tang cng sc khoe va giup benh nhan phuc hoi sc khoe
Cha tr va nga au nhc bap chan va toan than.
Giup benh nhan an ngon ngu ngon va thoai mai.
Giup ngi co the lam viec t nhat 10 en 12 tieng mot ngay ma van thay khoe
Nga s met mo
Cha tr va nga Te thap va au khp xng.
Giup ngi b lanh tay chan va s lanh cam thay am ap nh thi tre.
Nga cam lanh.
Cha tr va nga nhc au kinh nien.
Cha tr va nga tao bon.
Cha tr va nga ai dam, xuat tinh sm, liet dng, lanh cam, kinh nguyet khong eu va au kinh ky.
Giup an ba hiem muon.
Nga s met mo sau khi giao hp.
Giup dng vat cng va cng lau
Giup tuoi tre va trung nien duy tr sc khoe tot, tr nh deo dai, au oc sang suot va tnh tao
Giup ngi ga, an ong, an ba an ngon ngu ngon khong s lanh cam thay am ap nh thi tre va song lau hn. van va van.

Ngoai ra con co dc pham acche 100% thien nhien:

a) Cha tr va nga:

o m cao trong mau (Cholesterol; Triglycerides; HDL, LDL, VLDL)
Chay mo hoi tay chan.
So mui d ng kinh nien.
Nget mui kinh nien.
Huyet trang
Benh gan nh viem gan loai B. van va van.

b) Giup an ba phuc hoi nhanh chong sau khi sanh. van va van.


Sau khi dung thuoc cua Giao s Pung Navann mot thi gian. Neu v bat c ly do g ma quy v ngng dung (co the v ly do tai chanh....) th hieu qua van con ton tai va tuy thuoc vao cong viec va sc khoe cua tng ca nhan.

Nhng dc pham 100% thien nhien nay tuyet oi khong cha chat hoa hoc hay nhng chat thuoc tay nh la thuoc oi khang va thuoc lam du au (nh Cortisone, Aspirin, Motrin, Tylenol...) va ac biet la khong co chat kch thch va dc chat lam ghien.


Neu cham lo th rng luon xanh ti
va chung ta khong bao gi thieu cui ot
Khong co g la re trong i song.
Nhng ngi thch cua re se chu ng
Hau qua hiem ngheo.

14360 Brookshurst St., Garden Grove, California 92643 USA
Tel. (714) 531-6330. Office/Fax (714) 531-6603
Home/Fax: (714)531-2163
Beeper (All California) (714) 806-1136

Neu xa, Xin vui long cho chi tiet di ay
va fax ve van phong Bac s Pung Navann:

Ten ho:_____________________
ien thoai:_________________Fax______________
ia ch:_____________________________________
Gi tien e goi ien thoai:_______________

Lch s benh ly:


Giao s Pung Navann co the noi 7 ngon ng:

Mien, Phap, Anh, Vietnam,
Quan thoai, Pho Thong, Trieu Chau.